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What Does It Mean for the World to Have One Mind?


O'Donnell, Jerry

ISBN-13: 9781479606948

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Why does there seem to be such a polarization of people around the world? Why is road rage not the only rage between humans anymore? Is there a world agenda? Are believers and unbelievers involved together and even working side-by-side towards the coming crisis? What will the future crisis cause? Where do we find safety? How do we survive?

This unique book will help believers and unbelievers find answers to today's many questions through Bible study. With your Bible in hand, take a journey through God's Word that ends with a deeper knowledge of His plan for eternity. Author Jerry O'Donnell, approaches each topic by giving non-influential verses, opposite views, evidence, and then the application, written without the requirements of needing to know Greek, Hebrew, statistics, or even a full understanding of Scripture. This approach allows readers to come to a personal conclusion rather than having the author telling them what to believe.



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